New candle maker opens shop in Israel

A new candle maker in Israel has opened shop, opening its doors to the public.The shop, called Diecast Models, opened its doors on Thursday.The business, which has an opening date of March, says it will be the first in Israel to offer wholesale candlemaking services.The candles, manufactured by Diecast Model, will be sold online and […]

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What to know about Nike’s new retail model

The Nike brand has announced a new model called the Nike Wholesale, which will allow you to buy a range of items at wholesale prices.The company says the Wholesales will help you save money while supporting the sustainability of the brand.The Nike Whole package will offer 10 new, exclusive Nike retail styles and apparel, as […]

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Aussie fashion retailer wants to put a new spin on traditional shopping experience

Posted November 07, 2018 09:00:30 Aussie boutique chain Wholesale Club is planning to launch a new way of shopping for its customers this year, aiming to make shopping a “whole life” experience.The company’s founder and chief executive officer, Daniel Rimmer, said the move would offer “a fresh, whole-life shopping experience” and allow customers to “experience […]

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The 4th Generation

FourFourFourTwo article 4Gamer is proud to announce that The 4TH GENERATION is now available for digital download on the App Store!Download today!As the first game in a new series, The 4 th Generation is a unique experience for anyone interested in playing the original games.Each game is set in a different world and offers a […]

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When Nike unveils its new Nike+ shoe line, it won’t be the world’s first-ever mass-produced, mass-priced, mass produced sneaker. It won’t even be the first-time.

The Nike+ is Nike’s first mass-production sneaker line that’s also available online.It’s also the first time the brand has officially announced a shoe line.Nike’s marketing team has been teasing the Nike+ as the worlds first mass produced mass produced shoe, but the new shoe won’t come in a box or in a shoebox.Instead, it will […]

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