A new report from brokerage firm Goldman Sachs suggests that Walmart, which has become increasingly reliant on e-tailers for its revenue, could be considering a sale of its wholesale business to Amazon, the world’s largest retailer of goods.

“Walmart’s retail footprint is about half that of Amazon’s, and it could be looking at selling its wholesale operations to Amazon,” said Goldman Sachs analyst Robert Cipriano.

“It could also look to acquire Amazon’s e-store business to serve its retail businesses.”

Walmart is looking to “transform its wholesale businesses from an independent supplier to a platform that can fulfill demand for merchandise online,” Ciprianso wrote in a report released on Wednesday.

Walmart and Amazon are the latest companies to seek out the expertise and resources of a large, established retailer in the wake of the Great Recession.

Amazon recently unveiled plans to buy Whole Foods Market, a grocery chain that has struggled in recent years to grow sales.

Walmart is one of the most-visited retail sites in the country.

The retail giant is also looking to expand its footprint beyond its own stores and into other areas.

Walmart’s focus on its online and brick-and-mortar stores is one part of a broader strategy aimed at helping it survive the Great Depression.

Walmart plans to invest $2.5 billion in its e-Commerce operations this year, as well as adding at least five new stores, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The retailer has been struggling to find ways to stay afloat during the recession.

Wal-Mart lost $2 billion last year, according to the Journal.

Its e-Currency operations were in a “very good state” last year according to Goldman Sachs, but that number has since dipped.

“Our e-Businesses are not yet in a strong position to compete with the Amazon Prime and Alibaba platforms,” the report said.

“We expect the e- Businesses to grow and to become a more efficient, profitable and effective alternative to Amazon Prime.”