The divorce proceedings in New York city between the rabbi who led the nation’s largest Jewish congregation and his wife were expected to be over this week.

The couple has been married for 35 years and have two daughters.

But the split has not been without controversy, with critics questioning whether the rabbi, Shmuel Rosensaft, was abusing his position as the chief rabbi of the largest congregation in America and the president of the United States by allowing the divorce to go forward.

The divorce has become a political lightning rod.

The rabbi’s attorney has been accused of mischaracterizing the case, accusing the president’s attorneys of being dishonest and misleading.

Rosensft, a man of limited education, has said that he is a member of a liberal-leaning movement and is committed to interfaith dialogue.

He said he would like to work with President Donald Trump on the issue of religion in America, according to a letter to him published in the New York Post.

Trump has not commented on the divorce.

His wife, Melania Trump, and daughter Ivanka Trump also had their divorce proceedings sealed.

But this week, Rosensfts wife, Mika, wrote in an email to her attorney that she had learned that the divorce had been sealed.

“I am not a rabbi,” Mika Rosensfatsa wrote.

I am not making it lightly, I am making it because I have the duty to act in the best interest of the children, and I have no choice but to take them into my custody.” “

This is not a decision I can make lightly.

I am not making it lightly, I am making it because I have the duty to act in the best interest of the children, and I have no choice but to take them into my custody.”

The divorce, which took place in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New Jersey, was brought by Mika and Donald Rosensafas.

They had been married since 1993 and had three children.

In her letter, Mica said the divorce was an act of desperation and an attempt to “avoid a painful separation.”

She wrote that her husband had been “saddened” by the separation.

The pair divorced in 2013 after nearly three years of marriage, and in an emotional exchange in their New York home on March 10, she said she had decided to pursue legal action.

Mika wrote that she wanted to “give back to my family,” and said that her decision to pursue the divorce would not affect her relationship with her husband, who had recently been released from prison.

“He has been a good father to my children, especially to their daughter, and he is my husband,” Mica wrote.

Mica’s attorney, Jeffrey Zweig, told NBC News that the separation was “an act of revenge on his wife” and that Mika was seeking revenge against the president.

“Mika is the husband and the mother of Donald Trump, not the wife of Donald Rosenaft,” Zweigs said.

“The President is not involved with the divorce.”

Mika’s lawyer, Robert Capers, told the Post that the split “is the result of a series of events.”

The couple were married for more than 35 years, but they split in 2013, after three years in the marriage.

During their marriage, they had two daughters, one of whom, Kaila, is now 4.

Mike Zweiger-Rosensaft said she is a liberal Jew who has had a number of disagreements with the rabbi.

She said that she has had to defend herself against accusations that she is too conservative in her beliefs.

“If you ask me what I’m doing, I’m not doing anything,” she said.