The Trump administration is taking steps to salvage the ACA repeal, but many Republicans say it will take years to undo the damage wrought by President Donald Trump’s presidency.

Continue Reading BelowAdvocates for the ACA are planning a rally Monday in Washington, D.C., that they hope will draw thousands of supporters to the Capitol to oppose the effort.

“This rally is to send a message to Republicans and Democrats alike that the repeal of the ACA is not only unacceptable but also counterproductive,” said Laura Kipnis, the president of the progressive advocacy group, in a statement.

“The repeal is the only way forward.

We must work together to ensure that everyone in this country has health care and we can all enjoy the fruits of our labor,” she added.

In the first six months of 2018, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office found that more than 9 million people had lost coverage under the ACA.

The majority of these people were people of color.

The CBO’s report also found that the ACA was the most expensive and least effective program in U.S. history, costing the government $1.4 trillion.

Republicans in Congress, who are in the minority in the House of Representatives, have been fighting to repeal the law since it took effect in 2010, arguing it was an intrusion on the individual freedom of choice that was too expensive to maintain.

President Donald Trump has called the ACA “Obamacare for the rich.”

Democrats have repeatedly said they are prepared to repeal it.

Trump signed an executive order in December 2020 repealing key parts of the Affordable Care Act, which had been passed by Congress, but Republicans have vowed to keep fighting to dismantle it.