Mason jars are an essential part of any home’s collection.

They’re easy to open and are perfect for keeping food, spices and essential oils in place.

But they’re also a source of controversy.

While most people think of jars as safe storage containers, some say they’re just not very good for food safety.

Here are some of the biggest myths you need never, ever to hear again.1.

Mason jars can’t hold food, no matter what you put in them.

If you open a jar, you’re risking putting something in there that could harm your food.

The same goes for food you keep in jars.

And you’re also risking food contamination if you open your jars too quickly.2.

If you open one of your jars and put a piece of fruit in there, it’s not going to be safe.

When you open up a jar of fruit, the air inside the jar starts to get hot, which can be toxic to your fruit.

And as it warms, it can start to leach toxins into your food, which then can make your food more likely to spoil.

In fact, you could be damaging your fruit by opening your jar too quickly and letting it sit there, says Jennifer Haskins, a certified food safety educator.3.

If the jar is cracked open, it won’t hold your food and could cause food poisoning.

While cracked jars are a possibility, it has never been proven that food inside them will get stuck or damaged.4.

It’s not safe to store jars in a freezer.

The vast majority of food that’s stored in a jar is still safe to eat and eat food in the freezer.

But even the most nutritious food can be damaged by freezer storage.

“When food is stored in the refrigerator, it gets frozen solid,” says Dr. Christine T. Williams, a registered dietitian and a certified nutritionist.

“So when you open the jar, it opens up the space and creates a vacuum that can cause bacteria to multiply.”

So even if you’re storing food safely in your freezer, be sure to check with your food safety professional to ensure that the food is in the right container for you.5.

You should always clean your jars regularly.

Cleaning jars is easy, but it’s a little tricky.

And the best thing to do is always use a jar opener and remove the offending food before it starts to go bad.6.

You shouldn’t put a lid on a jar unless it’s sealed with a lid sealer.

The sealant helps keep food out of the jar.

And it also helps keep the food safe from bacteria, fungus and other microbes.

But if you have to open a fresh jar and start the sealer, it could end up with food residue all over it.7.

You can use a food-safe food processor to shred or shred your food before putting it in a Mason jar.

It won’t break the seal, but you’ll get the most out of your food by getting it all out quickly.8.

You don’t need to use a vacuum cleaner when opening jars.

A vacuum cleaner works just fine, but the best way to keep food from getting stuck in a container is to keep the jar in a warm environment.9.

You won’t be able to store food in a sealed jar.

Even if you use a sealer to seal a jar and put food in there for storage, that seal will only last for so long.

If food does get stuck in the jar or if you start opening the jar too soon, the food could end-up in the wrong place.