Here’s what we know about the £99-a-year Prime subscription deal.


It’s not a free trial.

You have to buy the book at the same time as Amazon Prime.

The first time you buy the Kindle, you can then download the book to your Kindle, then switch to the Amazon Kindle app, and it will be yours forever.

You can also switch to another app for free once you have signed up for the Amazon Appstore.


You’re not allowed to cancel the Kindle.

You’ll have to sign into your Amazon account at least once to cancel.

But once you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to cancel any time.


The Amazon App Store isn’t available in the UK.

It can be accessed in the US or in Canada, but not both.


You only get one book per year.

There’s a £1.99 annual subscription fee for Kindle, $2.99 for Apple iPad, and $3.99 in the Amazon app store.


You don’t get access to Amazon’s Prime library.

You must sign up to the same app that gets access to all the books in Amazon’s library.

It is a curated selection of Amazon books, including bestsellers, original works, and the best of digital media.


You need to pay a subscription fee to get the books.

But you can also get them for free if you don’t subscribe to the service.


You get a £99 Amazon credit towards Amazon’s books.

Amazon has a £100 credit that you can use for free books.


You won’t get a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

You still have to pay £99 to get Kindle Unlimited.


You may be able have more than one Kindle Unlimited book per month.

This is a great feature if you’ve got multiple books that you’d like to read and need to read at once.


There are a number of restrictions.

You are not allowed into the Amazon Echo or Alexa speaker.

You cannot send messages to the Kindle app.

You will need to be logged into Amazon’s app.

The app also has restrictions on what you can send to the phone and what you cannot.

If you don: 1.

Use the device for more than 30 minutes per day.

2, You will be blocked from using the Kindle Appstore or any other apps.

You might need to download another app.

3, You won.

4, You are prohibited from using other third-party devices, such as phones and tablets.

5, You cannot use the Kindle in a car.

You should consider getting a dedicated phone or tablet.

6, You can’t buy books in the appstore.

You would need to go to the shop and pay for it.

If it’s free, you won’t need to buy any books.

7, You’re banned from making any purchases of any kind that involve the Kindle or the Amazon ecosystem.

8, You’ll need to set up an Amazon account.

If Amazon charges you for it, you may be penalised.

You could also be asked to change your passwords.

9, You may not share your Kindle with anyone, even your family.

10, You need a £9.99 monthly subscription to use the Appstore and other Kindle apps.

If there’s no Amazon app for that app, you will need an account on a separate app, such a as iBooks, to download books.

The subscription is for 24 months, with a £4.99/month recurring fee.

The price will increase from there.

Amazon is charging a £39.99 fee to booksellers and authors, but it’s unlikely that this will apply to everyone.

It will be up to you and your family to decide what is right for you.