The number of new bookstores in the Wholesale Grocer Alliance has jumped to more than 3.4 million, the organization announced today.

The alliance has grown to more people than ever before and will now include more than 2,500 independent bookstores.

The alliance is the third-largest bookseller market in the United States.

For the first time, the WHG said, it is also adding bookstores that are not independently owned.

The WHG also said that the new retailers will have more than 200 independent bookseller programs and will have a larger market share than ever.

The new stores will include more independent bookshops and they will be owned and operated by booksellors who are not members of the WHA.

The WHG, which began in 1994, will expand into other industries, including wholesale, wholesale books, wholesale groceries and other bookselling activities.

The bookstores are part of a larger alliance of more than 4,500 booksell-related businesses, including more than 700 independent bookstore owners.

About 1.4 percent of the retail industry has about 5,000 stores, according to a recent report by the National Association of Booksellers.

The National Association has about 2.7 million members.