On Monday, the Texas Tribune published an article that provided a look at the state’s biggest wholesale suppliers of groceries.

In addition to Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and Sam’s Club, the article listed several other wholesale grocery retailers and a number of retail brands as being threatened by a potential bankruptcy filing by the largest, Texas-based retailer, Trader Joe.

According to the article, “Walmart’s retail footprint is about a third of the state, but the retailer has been struggling to maintain a foothold amid a surge in competition from Whole Foods and Sams Club, which is consolidating into smaller, local locations.

Walmarts in Dallas and Houston have been under fire from Whole Walmars for their low wages and high prices, and for not keeping its shelves stocked.”

Tropical Groceries, which has about 2,200 employees and operates about 80 grocery stores in Texas, is the largest wholesale retailer in the state.

The company, however, is in bankruptcy proceedings after filing for Chapter 11 protection in January.

According to the Tribune article, Tropical Grocers is also facing a bankruptcy reorganization process from the state of Texas that could lead to the company having to sell assets or close stores.

“The company has a strong operating history, and the financial health of the company and its suppliers are strong,” according to the newspaper article.

“Tropic Grocers may need to sell some of its assets, including its warehouses, or close some of the stores,” it added.

Tropi Grocers, which operates about 20 grocery stores and stores across Texas, has more than 2,600 employees.

According the Tribune, Tropical is currently in Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings in Texas and that the company has not been able to find a buyer to take over its operations.

Tulip Grocers operates about 400 grocery stores, as well as a handful of specialty stores and a few food trucks.

In Texas, the grocery giant has more outlets than any other grocery retailer.