We’ve seen it before, with teams getting too much free-agent money in their deals, and then losing it all to a new regime.

In this instance, it’s the Bears, who are going to have to decide whether to re-sign their starting QB and the other key pieces in the team.

The Bears can sign either Ryan Tannehill or Mike Glennon, but the other would be an upgrade over their current group, and one that would put them in a better position to rekindle the season.

Tannehos deal runs through 2020, and he’d likely command a lot of money as a free agent.

Glennon has a more realistic option if he’s willing to take less money, but it would also give the Bears a more solid backup in the case that Glennon isn’t able to make the team and they end up cutting him.

So the Bears will likely make their decision based on the two quarterbacks in their 2017 class.

That said, the team is already getting an extension out of veteran Brian Hoyer, so there’s a chance that they can add another quarterback in a deal that gets rid of some of Hoyer’s contract.

The Eagles could be another team that the Bears might be interested in landing, as the team has a strong defensive front, and it would likely be a cheaper option than Hoyer.

Another team that could be in the mix for a new QB is the Titans, who have the best quarterback in the class.

Both Hoyer and Blake Bortles would likely command huge contracts, so the Titans could land a quarterback they can commit to for years to come.

The Cardinals have also been rumored to be interested, but they’d likely have to give up a lot to land a QB.

The Chargers would probably need to give a lot more than they currently do for a quarterback, but could also get in on the action and give a big contract to a player that would help in the future.

The Dolphins are looking to make a splash in free agency, and they have a new head coach in David Garrard, who has been linked to a QB job with the Browns.

He’s not sure how he’d handle the position in Cleveland, but he could help in any way he can.

The Texans could get in the bidding for one of the best free agents in the league, but there are also reports that they have interest in another quarterback, which could cause a rift between the two teams.

That could mean the Texans can sign Garrard without the salary cap hurting their roster.

So it’s really up to the Bears and the Texans to decide on the best path for their quarterback in 2017.

Who will the Bears sign to fill the void?

What do they need in a quarterback?