The candle market in Germany is not as popular as it once was, with prices dropping to near zero in recent months, but that trend will likely reverse as the market becomes more crowded.

In a bid to get more of the products out of Germany, the country is opening up a national candle sale on Jan. 9, with the aim of getting more people to participate.

The idea is to attract more visitors to the capital Berlin, which has seen a resurgence of interest in candles, and make it a better place to visit, said Andreas Wieck, a researcher at the University of Göttingen.

Wieke, who works at the European Candle Association, said candles could help reduce air pollution in Germany, and could help the country achieve a cleaner future.

Wieske, a German who specializes in global security, said candle prices could also help boost Germany’s exports to the United States.

The country has also launched a new initiative to promote candle-making, and the candle industry is one of the key sectors that could benefit from the program, Wiecker said.

A candle can make up to 60 times more energy than an equivalent kilogram of coal, and Wiesker said that the energy savings could help German industries as a whole.

He said the government is hoping to attract even more visitors this year as the candles are still being sold.

The National Office for the Promotion of Candlemaking (GEMA) is planning a candle-sale event, and plans to distribute free candle-maker-supplies.

Wielke said there are still many barriers to entry for those who want to make a profit on candles.

“You need a small amount of money to make one kilogram and you have to be willing to be seen in public,” he said.

Some retailers, like Wieker, are also still struggling with the challenges of opening up the market, but he said he expects more companies to open up soon.

He also said there will be a good opportunity for small businesses in the country, with more and more of them taking up the opportunity.

“It’s about the people who can make the most money from the candle market, and they have the opportunity to grow, grow up,” Wieeker said.

The candle markets can also help businesses with their social media and other social media platforms, he added.

“A candle market is an opportunity to reach the customers and connect them with different businesses and services,” he added, noting that some companies are already offering special deals on candles to attract customers.

But there are some issues that could keep the candle markets down, Wieseker said, including a lack of regulation in the market and a lack for competition among sellers.

He noted that a candle is not the same as a kilogram.

“I can buy a kilo of coal and sell a kilowatt of candles,” he explained.

“But a candle has no mass and can only be sold in the shop for a certain amount of time.

It’s not the exact same thing as a ton of coal.”

However, Wiedeker noted that the market could help to increase consumer awareness about the candle-makers, and bring them into the mainstream.

“If people have more awareness about candles, I think they can make more money from them,” he concluded.