A new candle maker in Israel has opened shop, opening its doors to the public.

The shop, called Diecast Models, opened its doors on Thursday.

The business, which has an opening date of March, says it will be the first in Israel to offer wholesale candlemaking services.

The candles, manufactured by Diecast Model, will be sold online and will be shipped to customers worldwide.

The company is also looking for new suppliers for the candles.

Its owner, Moshe Gantz, told Channel 10 that the new business will help Israel and Israel-Israel companies grow their international sales and increase their sales volumes.

The candle company is part of a broader trend of international candle makers who are also expanding into Israel, with more than 20,000 units now sold in Israel.

Gantz said that in the last three years, Israel has been seeing an increase in the demand for candles and they need to meet this demand.

The products will be available online and also be shipped internationally.