The price of streaming video has increased dramatically in recent years, but what does it mean for your pay-TV bill?

Cable and satellite companies have been hit with increased bills from consumers and competition.

While the prices of many services are rising, some providers are also charging more.

The price of Netflix has gone up significantly over the past year.

The price is now $9.99 per month for the standard version and $15.99 for the Ultra version, which allows for up to 5GB of data.

Netflix said it had “no impact on our business”.

However, some cable and satellite operators have reported that the increased cost of streaming could have a direct impact on their business.

The rise in the cost of the standard package, which includes 4GB of basic data and 10GB of the Netflix-branded data, means that some people have opted to pay $9 per month more for the Netflix service, which can offer unlimited streaming to a larger library of content.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) said in a statement that the cost increase was a result of competition from internet streaming and cable providers offering more data and the possibility of more streaming options.

“In Australia, the internet is still relatively unregulated,” it said.

“Many ISPs offer services to customers in different areas of the country, but this is not always the case.”

As a result, competition in the internet may not always be as free as it is advertised.

“The ACCC said some internet streaming services were offering higher prices for some consumers than they do for others, with some providers charging consumers more.”

We have received numerous complaints from consumers about the pricing and availability of certain types of services,” it added.”

Some providers may charge consumers more for certain services.

“The internet streaming service Foxtel said it would be increasing its subscription fee from $20 to $25.

The ACCc also urged consumers to be aware of any additional fees they are paying for other services they are using.”

These fees may affect your overall package, including the amount of data you have to pay for, or your ability to use some features of your account,” it advised.”

Check if you are getting any additional charges and ask for any changes.

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