Retailers are being targeted by a “massive” online campaign against their brands, after a survey found almost three-quarters of UK consumers said they were not happy with their food.

The survey by research firm Mintel found that consumers were increasingly fed up with the lack of choice they feel in supermarkets.

The results, which were released on Tuesday, showed that the online campaign to boycott the retailer Target sparked the biggest surge in customer satisfaction.

It found that 75% of respondents said they felt “unhappy” with the food they bought, with just 22% saying they were “happy”.

The survey, conducted by Mintel, also found that 57% of consumers felt they were less likely to shop at a supermarket after Target announced plans to cut staff.

In response, Target has been launching a campaign to sell more than 1,200 new food products in the US and Europe, including “100% organic” items and products made from sustainable ingredients.

This week, Target announced it would close more than 400 stores in the UK, including the former B&Q store in Manchester.

Target is also in talks with other retailers about expanding in the area.

It said it would not “turn a blind eye” to changes in customers’ purchasing habits.

While retailers have been making moves to sell organic products, they are not necessarily taking the same approach to supermarkets.

Last year, the US-based supermarket chain Whole Foods launched a campaign called “Target for the Future” aimed at changing consumers’ buying habits.

It urged customers to shop online or in-store, with brands such as Kelloggs and Kellogg’s Organic, and to avoid products with artificial colours, preservatives and flavors.