I have been asked several times in recent days about what an iPhone is and why people should care about it.

I think the best answer I can give is that it’s the most important thing you can buy on this planet right now.

The iPhone is your most important technological tool.

I’ve been using my iPhone for almost a decade.

And I think it’s going to remain that way for a long time.

When you buy an iPhone, you are buying the device that allows you to do most things you can do with your phone, like text, call, email, send and receive pictures, and most of the things you do on the web and in social media.

But it’s also the device where you can make the most of your time.

Apple has built an operating system that enables you to run a computer and a phone at the same time.

If you’ve ever used a desktop computer, you’ve seen the desktop as an endless, monotonous grid of files and applications, each one a little different.

It’s a way of controlling a computer that is very powerful, but also incredibly frustrating, especially when you need to use the computer to do some basic tasks like email, take a picture, send a message, or browse the web.

I have the iPhone.

And that’s the biggest difference between an iPhone today and when I bought it 10 years ago.

It was like this little magical thing that could take all the power you could possibly need and make it run in a very efficient way.

But if you were using an iPhone for anything else, like a game, it would have to be a huge pain to get into, because it needed to be constantly connected to a PC.

It would need to have all the latest software to make sure it ran smoothly.

And the biggest problem I have with the iPhone is that the operating system is so powerful that you can’t just buy a phone that runs on your computer and have it run all the way.

You have to buy an iPad or an Android phone that also runs on the iPhone, and you have to do that at the price of the iPhone itself.

The big reason for this is the amount of data it holds.

An iPhone can store a staggering amount of information.

You can use it to send texts and emails, to browse the internet, and it can even sync with other computers.

There’s literally a ton of information on the phone, and your iPhone needs to store all that information so that it can continue to function.

But as the number of people who own iPhones grows, the amount that information is going to be stored is going down.

As the number who have iPhones increases, the price per device goes up, and as the price increases, so too does the amount the company has to keep from being able to charge you for all that data.

If it’s too expensive to use an iPhone as a computer, and if you need the data to function, you’ll probably want to get an Android or iPad.

The iPad is a bit better, but the same price, and no syncing.

As soon as the iPhone becomes too expensive, the iPhone will become the de facto computer.

If the iPhone doesn’t make the world a better place, you’re not going to use it.

But I think there is one place where the iPhone does make a big difference.

Apple makes iPhones.

And it’s made the iPhone by making the best iPhone.

There are other phones out there that are better, cheaper, or even better than the iPhone in some areas.

But for a lot of people, the Apple iPhone is the best phone they’ve ever owned.

And to me, that is a pretty big deal.

If this is something you need, and there are other smartphones you really like that are cheaper, you should probably buy an Apple iPhone.

But there are also people out there who really need an iPhone.

If they’re going to buy one, they should buy a really good one.

The Apple iPhone will give them all the things they need for life: a solid, high-quality phone with amazing battery life, incredible performance, great cameras, great keyboards, and a solid design.

It will also give them the best, most useful tools they can use to do everything from send text messages to take pictures and upload videos to the web, and more.

And, most importantly, it will make them happy.

This is the iPhone for you.

The Apple iPad is probably better, and has more screen real estate, but it’s a bit more expensive.

The Amazon Kindle Fire is a good option, but not really a good choice for everyone.

I recommend the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 for most people, but that’s because it’s an amazing tablet.

If I had to choose between the iPad and the Surface Pro, I would definitely get the Surface.

There is a lot more to a tablet than the screen.

There will be a lot less to it than the keyboard.

And there are a lot fewer