India is set to get its first 4×5 hybrid truck, which could be the world’s first electric truck to hit the Indian market, Toyota Motor Corp said Thursday.

India has a market for 1.2 million 4×6 pickups, which are popular with truckers.

But in the country, diesel vehicles, which typically make up a third of trucks, account for only 5% of the total fleet, and are often used for heavy traffic, such as highway construction, according to industry analyst and former trucking executive Arvind Narayanan.

Toyota has been working on the truck since 2010, Narayana said.

The new 4X4 will be built by Tata Motors and will come in four models, one of which will be a four-door version with the same engine, transmission and gearbox as the current model.

The first model will be based on a Toyota-developed version of the four-wheel-drive Tacoma, with an electric motor and torque converter for better acceleration, Narayana said.

The new pickup is expected to be launched in the second half of 2019, he said.

A Toyota spokeswoman declined to comment.

A Toyota spokesman, Matt Miller, said the company is developing an electric version of its Tacoma pickup, which will have a diesel engine and torque converters.

He said the new pickup will be offered in four- and six-wheel drive models.