American apparel retailer Atv has announced a new initiative to help American consumers save money on clothing, accessories and other merchandise by selling directly to their local retail outlet.

The Atv Wholesale program is the latest effort by the retailer to improve its supply chain and provide more competitive prices.

Atv Whoreshop will be the retail outlet for the brand’s apparel, accessories, accessories accessories, shoes, accessories products and footwear brands.

Atv says the new program will allow customers to purchase directly from the retailer directly and avoid the need for middlemen.

At this point, only select brands such as J.

Crew and Urban Outfitters will be able to sell directly to retail outlets, which will require shoppers to shop in the store.

Atva Wholesalers will also be able sell to retailers, but not through retailers.

The Atv program is designed to expand Atv’s reach across the country.

The company will sell apparel directly to retailers in more than 150 cities across the United States, including major metro areas such as Denver, Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis, New York City, Portland, Philadelphia and Seattle.

The new program also expands Atv wholesale to a list of locations nationwide.

Atvi says it will sell direct to retailers and at the same time provide a network of wholesale dealers who can offer customers a direct access to the products they are looking for.

Atva Whoreshops in San Diego, San Francisco and Denver are participating in the Atv initiative, and the company is expanding to additional markets throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand and Canada.