The latest in the ongoing dispute between wholesale hair vendors and the Australian Government.

The dispute between the government and the industry has been raging for years, with many of the issues being about the quality of products and services that hair salons receive.

In November this year, a group of hair salon owners and the ABC launched a campaign against the Government’s proposed closure of the market.

The hair salonts have accused the Government of failing to deliver on its promise to provide quality services to customers.

The group said the Government was not meeting its target of providing 5,000 new salons in the state each year, and the Government did not deliver on the target to provide 25,000 salons per year by 2022.

They also criticised the Government for not implementing its 2020 target of 25,200 salons a year.

In January this year the Government announced it would close all hair saloons, except for those with licences to provide a small number of hair-care services.

It said it would instead focus on “new and emerging sectors of the industry”.

In a statement the Government said it had committed to providing hair saloon services to the people of Queensland by the end of 2020.

“It’s an important decision for our community, as well as a critical opportunity for the hair salonte, but we will deliver on that commitment in the short term,” it said.

“This will be done in partnership with the local hair salone.”

We will not be closing any more hair salones, and we will ensure that all salons are open.

“However, it has come under fire for failing to meet its target for 25,800 salons by 2022, which is a number that was announced in January.

The Government has said it will ensure there are at least 25,400 salons, but many of those salons have not been operating since the closure of a number of the hair-salon chains in the 1990s.

In February this year another group of salons launched a court action against the government, alleging the Government has been negligent in its role in the hair salon sector.

In June this year a third group of owners launched a class action against Government over its closure of hair shops, saying the Government had failed to meet their targets.

In the meantime, the Government is currently negotiating with the industry about a future relationship.

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