A bottle of champagne can be had for $325 on eBay, and while you’re at it, why not just order one online?

That’s what one man in Ohio is doing.

He’s offering $300 worth of champagne to anyone who can tell him where the bottle is stored.

The man, who asked that his name not be used for fear of losing his job, has been posting on Facebook and Instagram for more than a month now.

He says he gets more than 500 messages per day.

The most popular message has gotten more than 4,000 likes.

Some of the most popular messages:This one:This message from another man:This post:A bottle of sparkling champagne that has been in storage for two years has sold for $295 at a Costco warehouse.

The man who made the sale, named Mike, is still trying to find out where the wine is.

Costco has not responded to a request for comment.