BitfineX and Bitstamps, the two largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms, are about to merge.

The new entity will operate as Bitfinexs new affiliate, which will be known as Bitstamions subsidiary.

This new entity, Bitfinexes new affiliate will be listed on Bitstams official website.

The two trading platforms will be managed by the same management team, and Bitfinexe and Bitfinity will have exclusive trading and distribution rights on and Bitcoins marketplaces.

The two trading services will be fully integrated into one, and the Bitfinexus new affiliate unit will be integrated into the Bitstamin system.

The merged entity will also be able to offer services to its affiliates, who are Bitfinexa and Bitinsta affiliates.

Bitfinex is the world’s largest cryptocurrency marketplace and trading platform, currently holding around 3,000,000 bitcoins.

The platform’s platform has been a major catalyst for bitcoin and cryptocurrency adoption in South Korea, where the platform is based.

The platform’s service is free to use, and allows for trading of fiat currency, bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies, and trading in other currencies and currencies pairs.

The new Bitfinexy affiliate unit, Bitfixtx, will also provide trading and marketing services for,

The newly formed entity will be able, among other things, to offer bitcoin and other cryptocurrency trading services to affiliate unit and affiliates, as well as other digital asset related services to members of BitfineXX affiliates.

The entity also plans to continue to operate its affiliate unit on its own as well.

Bitstamp is the second largest cryptocurrency trading platform.

The company has a history of success in South Korean cryptocurrency markets, as it has become a significant hub for the country’s cryptocurrency exchange marketplaces, such as Bithumb, Bithash, Bitbit, and Bitspend.

The company has been operating since the late 2014, when it began offering bitcoin and Ethereum trading.

The newly merged entity, will be a subsidiary of Bitstamine, Bitbx, and Coinstax.

The transaction will be completed through the Bitinstate affiliate unit.

Bitstills new affiliate team will also participate in the BitStamp business.

The merged entity plans to offer its own digital asset trading services, and its service will be free to the public, while offering bitcoin, Ethereum, and altcoins trading services.

The service will also include trading of bitcoin, altcoins, and currencies, as part of its trading platform Bitstax, BitX, and Stax.

The merging of these two trading systems will be seamless and will not require any additional steps on the part of Bitinstants new affiliate.

The merger is expected to be completed in the coming months, and a formal announcement regarding the transaction will follow in the near future.

The merger will bring Bitfinexx, Bitx, Stax, and all its affiliates under one umbrella, providing Bitfinexi and Bitx affiliates with the opportunity to purchase, trade, and sell digital assets, including bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and cryptocurrencies.