The club’s jerseys are made in Italy.

This is the same as every other Serie A club.


They are worn by the same players.

In other words, the players are wearing the same shirts.

This means they are identical to the players in the league.

This rule is not always enforced, but is generally accepted by fans and media.


In the history of the league, there have been only three other Serie B clubs: Udinese, Lazio and Inter.

In Serie A, there has been four, including Lazio.


The first shirt was worn by Milan in 1978 and the last shirt by Juventus in 1998.


Since the 1970s, the two oldest Serie B sides, Laz and Inter, have been playing in different cities.


When the new rules came in for the 2018-19 season, they had the same jersey for each squad.

This has led to a lot of confusion, with some fans wondering why they would change jerseys if they already had the old one.


In theory, there is no way the jerseys are identical.

The new rules say that if the two jerseys are the same, it means that the players on both teams have the same number of appearances.

However, the rule is seldom enforced.


What happens if a team loses a game to a rival club?

The only thing that is different between the two teams is the jerseys.

If the teams lose a game against each other, it would be the other team’s turn to wear the new jerseys.


Why is there a change to the name of the team when the team is in the same division?

This is not a new rule.

Before, the teams were called “Le Mans” (French for “the race”), which is a shortened version of the club’s name.

However now, the new team’s name is “Lazio”.


What are the new jersey colours?

The new jersey colour scheme has two colours, white and black.

The black colour is used for the jersey sleeves, while the white colour is for the back of the shirt.


Why are there two different numbers on the back?

The black number indicates the team’s number of games.

The white number indicates its current number of matches.


Is there a penalty for wearing the wrong jersey?

The rule says that the team can only wear the wrong shirt, but the penalty is a yellow card.


Can the team change jerseys at any time?

The team can change jerseys during any match.


Is the new shirt more expensive than the old shirt?


The jersey is 100 per cent cheaper than the original shirt.

The official price is 300 euros, or just under $330.


Will the players get new jerseys?

The players will get the new shirts once the season ends.

The team will pay for the jerseys, which will be used to change players and the team itself.


Will I get the same uniform as the old season?

No, the jerseys will be completely different.