An online auction house says its prices on bottles of jewelry spiked after the government declared a national holiday on Jan. 15.

The online auction site, which bills itself as the leading marketplace for the sale of jewelry and other luxury goods, said on Wednesday that the prices of a bottle with a diamond ring and diamond ring necklace were $1,150 to $1.25, a jump of nearly 100 percent from the previous day.

It said prices on jewelry that had not been sold rose by up to $200.

It added that prices for jewelry with diamonds and gemstones had risen by an average of more than 70 percent.

The price of a single gemstone rose by about 2,000 percent, while prices for diamonds and emeralds rose by nearly 70 percent, it said.

The government declared Jan. 18 a national day to commemorate the anniversary of the Six Day War, when Israel defeated the armies of Egypt and Syria, and the Jewish state captured the Golan Heights.

It has also called for a national celebration in honor of the Jewish holiday of Passover.

The government has said that it would not allow any unauthorized demonstrations.