RTE has been asked by the National Consumers Association (NCA) for the full cost of the national wholesale supply pallets that are expected to be delivered to the retail outlets this year.

The National Consumers Agency has been asking for information about how many pallets of liquidation will be sent to each of the participating retail outlets.

In its letter, the NCA said it is in discussions with the supply pallet supplier.

It added that the supplier is in “pre-planning” and will respond “within a few weeks”.

The supplier is due to deliver pallets on Monday.

It is understood the pallets will be shipped to the retailers and that they will be delivered within a week or two. 

In an email to the NAA, the National Consumer Agency said that it is aware of the issue and has been in discussions about the matter with the supplier.

The NCA also said that the wholesale supplier will be able to determine the quantity of liquidators needed.

The supplier will also be able determine how many wholesale liquidators are needed.

In an email, the supplier said it would be “better for the consumer” if the supplier were given a list of pallets for sale to retailers.