Wholesaler in Texas is getting a new tool to help them stop buying their seafood from a Chinese supplier.

A company called Fresh Food Market started serving tuna at Whole Foods in Houston this week.

Fresh Food sells it at the grocery store as well as on the market.

But the wholesaler in Texas says Fresh Food is not a wholesaler.

They are in a contract with the Chinese supplier, and if the wholesaler has a problem with it, they can ask the Chinese company to stop selling it to the store.

The contract, the wholesaleer says, is a legal contract and it has to be followed.

If it’s not followed, the contract is voided.

And that is exactly what Fresh Food has been doing.

The wholesaler says they’re getting a warrant to do so.

We don’t have any choice, the company says.

We’re not going to let that happen.

They’re being sued by a group of people who have complaints.

The case is still going through the courts.

Fresh Food Market says it is not involved in any way in the wholesaling process.

But they are selling at Whole Food because the company wants to sell to the wholeser.