A Houston janitorium that has been struggling to stay afloat for more than two years is now offering more than 40% discounts on its supplies.

The Houston-area wholesale club has been operating out of an office space that has since been renovated, and the business is trying to make up for lost revenue with a 40% discount on the wholesale supply it supplies.

According to the Houston-based company, it is trying hard to keep the prices affordable for customers.

“We have been selling the same items to the same customers, and we want to do that again.

We have been very successful so far, but we need to keep it going,” said Joe Miller, vice president of operations at Houston-focused wholesale club Janitorial Supply.

He said that despite the lack of customers and sales volume, he is confident the company will remain in business.

“The business has been very strong so far.

The customer has been great.

I am really confident that we will be here for a long time,” Miller said.

The company, which is run by two janitors, recently started a Facebook page and is offering to waive the wholesale club’s fee if customers pay $150 to $200 in order to purchase a year of supplies.

“I think it will be a very big hit to the business and the community in general,” Miller told CBC News.

The club, which started in May, was operating in an office on the ground floor of a vacant house in the city’s Cypress Hill neighborhood.

It was initially founded by two former janitors who met in a warehouse, Miller said, before they decided to open the business.

Since opening its doors in April, the Houston business has offered free supplies to customers, including toiletries, bedding, cleaning supplies and other supplies.

Its current inventory is about 1,100, but the club hopes to increase that in the coming months.