Costco has confirmed that its brand new branded gildans are costing a lot more than they should.

The supermarket giant has revealed that it charges a whopping $3.99 per bag for the brand new gildas.

The brand new, white gildannas are a huge hit with customers, with a range of sizes and prices on offer, ranging from $5.99 to $12.99.

But, the brand has come under fire after it revealed that its new gilded bags cost $2.99 each.

Costco’s gildand cost $3 per bag and the price was actually $2 cheaper than the same size bag in its original white.

The retailer also revealed that the white gilded gildanes were priced at $4.99 for the whole set and $7.99 with two bags.

The pricing disparity between the two products has sparked outrage among online shoppers, with some blaming the retailer for taking advantage of a market that has become saturated.

“There’s a lot of gildanas in the market right now,” said one user on Twitter.

“Why can’t they just price it on the quality?”

Costco has come up with an explanation for the price discrepancy.

“We believe that some of our gildana sizes and colors are more expensive than others,” it said in a statement.

“Our new gillets are designed to be worn by men, women and children in addition to children.

They’re also ideal for gifts and gifts for the family.”

While this might seem like an odd explanation for why the gildanne costs so much, some have pointed to the gilded price tags as a reason to buy.

Costca has been under fire for years over its pricing, and a backlash against the retailer has been growing in recent years.

Last year, the company was forced to change the pricing on some of its gildanzas to stop a backlash from shoppers, but its recent pricing woes were blamed on the price tag.

The backlash led to the retailer launching a series of “sales fatigue” campaigns to try and stem the tide.

The retail giant is currently working to cut costs by increasing its sales and marketing strategies to boost sales and boost profits.

It has also launched an online sales app to help customers find the best deals online.