What to know about the retailer’s pricing and promotions: The prices for new and used jewelry are $3,200, $4,400 and $5,000, according to BJ’s spokeswoman Lisa Stavri.

The price for a piece that’s on its way to the customer is $1,800.

“For people who love jewelry and want it at its best, we recommend the best quality from a local seller,” she said.

Prices for jewelry that’s already on sale range from $1 to $20,000.

The average price of an original piece is $3.6 million, according a 2015 study by the Institute for Retail Finance and Analysis.

But there are many retailers that offer much more expensive options.

For example, you can buy an original diamond, which is not part of the $20 million price range, for $7,500.

That’s compared to the $7.8 million price tag for an original ruby and $13.7 million for an opal.

The gem and opal are both valued at more than $100 million.

If you’re looking for an affordable jewelry gift for yourself, you might want to consider purchasing a small diamond, said Ian Scott, vice president of sales for the Toronto-based jewellery brand J. Scott.

“It’s not a bad buy, if you can find a diamond that you like,” he said.

Scott said his business is experiencing a surge in customers since the holiday season started, which he attributes to the increase in demand.

“We’re getting a lot of people asking for this, and they’re buying a lot more than they were buying before.”

For people who enjoy jewelry and don’t want it to be worth more, the most affordable jewelry brands to consider are Tiffany and Chanel, Scott said.

The brands, both of which are based in Canada, have become increasingly popular over the past year because of their value.

“I think people are really enjoying these brands because of the value,” he added.

A Tiffany engagement ring, for example, is valued at $12,000 for a diamond, while a Chanel diamond is priced at $1.8-million.

If someone in your family owns a jewelry store, you may want to ask your jewelry store to compare their prices with their competitors.

It can be difficult to compare the prices of different brands, as they vary in size, material and price.

But if you want to find out the best price on a pair of diamond earrings, Scott recommends Tiffany.

“If you don’t have an outlet that can sell them for you, Tiffany is the best brand to go with,” he told CBC News.

“They’re a very affordable brand.”

What you should know about jewelry from the store: J.C. Penney, which offers a wide variety of styles of jewelry, offers a good selection of diamonds, opals and stones.

The store offers a variety of sizes and colors for jewelry, and can be found in Canada’s largest city, Toronto.

It has an online store where you can see how much it will cost to purchase a piece.

You can find prices on individual pieces, as well as online at the store’s website.

For an example of the Tiffany brand, you could buy a pair for $50,000 or $60,000 from the online store.

A pair of J.

Crew shoes, for instance, will set you back $150,000 at the brand’s website, according the brand.

You could also buy a piece from J. Crew online at a price of $10,000 and a piece at $30,000 online, depending on the size.

For $100,000 to $200,000 worth of jewelry at J. C. Penneys, it can be very pricey, according To find out how much you can spend on jewelry at the retailer, call the store at 416-945-3810.

It’s also worth noting that some brands sell their jewelry online, but you will need to call the brand and ask to see a catalog of the jewelry.

If there are other brands that are selling at a lower price, it’s best to check to see if they have similar catalogs.

If your family is planning to spend the holidays, you should contact a jewelry brand to get an idea of what they will sell you.

“Some brands are going to offer an assortment of items, but some are only selling one item,” Scott said, noting that it’s important to find the one you want.