The NHL is set to move on from the first round of its blockbuster expansion draft this weekend, as the league prepares for its second year of expansion.

Here’s a look at what will happen.


What’s going to happen in the first few days of the NHL’s first expansion draft?

The NHL will announce the names of the teams and the number of players each will receive in this year’s expansion draft, which will take place at the beginning of March.

The teams and players will receive the same number of points as in last year’s draft, but there will be a maximum of four points awarded per team and no more than four points for each team per player.

Each team will receive four points, and the maximum of two points for every team per year will be awarded.

The number of teams to be represented is expected to be about two dozen.

The draft will take places on April 28, with the first two rounds scheduled to be played on Sunday, April 30 and Tuesday, May 1.

Teams will have the option to play in a pre-determined number of games and the first 10 teams will get to participate in the draft.

There will be no additional draft selections or waivers.

The league has not released the number or the format of the picks it will make, but it is expected the first four picks will be from the Western Conference.

Two of the three expansion draft picks will go to the defending champion San Jose Sharks and the third will go, at least in part, to the Colorado Avalanche.

In order to protect some of their young players, the Sharks and Avalanche will not receive their first two picks from the expansion draft.

The other two picks will likely go to teams in the Pacific Division, which includes Los Angeles, San Jose and Vancouver.

The first-round picks will also likely be tied to a team’s playoff position, and if they go to a division rival, they could have to sit out the playoffs to avoid losing their pick in the event of a tie.

The Sharks and Sharks are the only teams in history to receive two first-rounder picks from expansion.

The second-round pick from the Avalanche will be the fourth pick in that expansion draft for the Colorado Rockies.

If the Avalanche and Sharks each land at least one of their first- and second-rounder selections, they would likely land in the top two picks in the expansion drafts, but they would need to be the fifth-and sixth-best teams in order to land the second- and third-round selections.

If there is a tie, the first-overall pick from each division will go first, and it is unknown if either Avalanche or Sharks will land in that spot.


What happens if the two teams with their first and second first- round picks end up in the same division?

The first round is a lottery, and there will likely be no more points awarded for the first time this season.

If a team finishes with the same record as the other team in the lottery, the second round will be played and the two highest-scoring teams will each receive a point.

Teams from the same conference can receive one point each for the conference title.

The winner of that lottery will receive a franchise-best first- or second-overage pick.

The two teams who end up with the most points will receive one additional franchise-worst first-, second and third round pick.

In the case of the Sharks or Avalanche, the third-overest team will also get a first-and-third-round selection.


What about if a team from the West Conference loses in the second or third round?

If a division gets knocked out of the playoffs by a division champion, the teams will play in the Stanley Cup Final for the right to host the Stanley Stadium Series.

The loser of that series will get a franchise worst first- overall pick, which would be the worst pick the league has ever given.

Teams that finish in the bottom two in the conference will have a chance to host in the East Final, which is played on April 21 in Detroit.

The Eastern Conference will be seeded one seed, and each team from that conference will get the best of two playoff seeds.

The winners of those playoff seeds will play the winner of the Western Final.

If one of those teams ends up in a losing record in the playoffs, it will be forced to move to the East to host its final regular-season game against the other conference champion.


What if the Sharks, Avalanche or Canucks win their conference championship?

The two Western Conference champions will get their first three picks in next year’s selection process, with teams from the East, Pacific or Central divisions receiving the same first-/second-round draft picks.

The only two Eastern Conference teams that won’t be getting their first picks are the Detroit Red Wings and Philadelphia Flyers, who are in the Eastern Conference Final.

There are no other Western Conference teams in this years expansion draft that are not already in the race to host their final